The Why and Context

Access to Finance

Despite huge opportunity, access to finance remains a major impediment to the success of SMEs in the climate space. Most of them are informal, and majority propose novel ideas that traditional financing institutions deem too risky.

Linking entrepreneurs in the climate space with investors is vital to provide them with access to capital, validate their solutions, gain expertise and mentorship, provide access to new markets, and scale their impact.

The collaboration between entrepreneurs and investors is essential for driving the necessary innovation and transformation required to address climate change and create a sustainable future.

Investor-Ready Enterprises

A total of 250 investor-ready entrepreneurs will be at the KCIC Investment Summit to interact with prospective investors.

KCIC has been at the forefront in supporting enterprises to be investor-ready by giving business mentorship, technical assistance, and support towards formalization of their enterprises, as well as financial support.

Ahead of this inaugural summit, all participating entrepreneurs will undergo a rigorous investor-readiness bootcamp to help them fine-tune their business value propositions, better understand investor expectations, effective communications, build credibility, and learn negotiation skills.

Participating enterprises will be representative of the best Kenya has to offer in green entrepreneurship.
Great Market Opportunity in green entrepreneurship in Kenya, and the challenge of Access to Finance

Research from ANDE reveals billions of dollars worth of economic opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs in green critical sectors of the Kenyan economy. Green entrepreneurship in Kenya offers a $123 billion market opportunity for small and growing businesses (SGB-active) business segments.

These opportunities are in strategic thematic areas that KCIC focuses on. The waste management and circular economy sector has a market opportunity of US $54 billion, Sustainable Agriculture and Aquaculture (US $33 billion), and water management (US $22 billion).

We are convinced that investing in ideas and entrepreneurs in the climate space is the best way to tap into this opportunity. A green and clean future demands thousands of innovations challenging the current business models

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