About KCIC

About KCIC

Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) is a social impact organization operating in the climate space, and driven by innovation. KCIC provides incubation, acceleration, capacity-building, and innovative financing to entrepreneurs developing innovative solutions to climate change. Over the past decade, KCIC has offered support to over 3,000 enterprises across five thematic areas; Agribusiness, Renewable Energy, Commercial Forestry, Waste Management, and Water Management. Impressive results and impact have so far been witnessed, with critical insights gathered.

More than 2,500 businesses have been incubated, with a commercialization rate of 67%. KCIC has supported these enterprises to leverage external financing to a tune of US$ 63 million. The enterprises have subsequently been able to sell products worth more than US$ 83 million. More than 450,000 Tonnes of CO2 has been mitigated as a result of KCIC interven- tions, and about 73 policy advocacy initiatives have been undertaken. Close to 85,000 people are accessing clean water due to our interventions, and more than 39,000 jobs have been created through supported enterprises, with 56% being women.

This places KCIC therefore as a pivotal partner when it comes to climate change and enterprise support in Kenya and East Africa, with proven impact on women, youth and the vulnerable in the society.

The KCIC Investment Summit embodies our unwavering commitment to accelerating the transition to a sustainable future. It serves as a catalyst for collaborations that will shape our planet's resilience, providing opportunities for climate entrepreneurs to secure vital investments while unlocking new pathways for sustainable growth.

Join us as we gather leaders, visionaries, and changemakers from around the world to explore, connect, and invest in the transformative power of climate entrepreneurship. Together, let's seize the opportunities that lie within the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship, and climate action. Together, we can shape a better, greener world.

Visit the KCIC website here: www.kenyacic.org

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Kindly note that your registration will be subject to an accreditation process, and you will only be legible to attend the Summit after receiving a confirmation email.

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